Edith Brophy

December 10, 1925 -  December 23, 2019

Founding Member of The Quilting Bees

Served as Secretary

Adrianne Barnett

August 3, 1948 - June 26, 2020

Charter Member of The Quilting Bees

Served as Treasurer



  • UFO # 10  due November 12

  • ​Set-Up/Tear Down: All members need to sign up to help set up and tear down the meeting room each month.  Please see Nancy M. or Lorrie C. to get your name on the list. 

  • Sunshine Hearts: Pat B. is the coordinator for 2020.  Continue to turn in a 6 1/2" (unfinished) heart block in the color chosen for each upcoming month.  Also, use a neutral background, either white or cream.  No black, please.

   Feb--pink                             Aug--orange

   Mar--green                         Sep--purple

   Apr--yellow                         Oct--yellow

   May--blue                            Nov--green

   Jun--turquoise/aqua          Dec--red

​   Jul--red                                 Jan--blue

Helen Emery

​Died August 12, 2020

​Long time member of The Quilting Bees

In Memory...

In 2018 The Quilting Bees donated 21 quilts to Red Bird Mission and 41 to Alive Hospice.

ClickHERE for photos

Thanks to all those who participated in workshops, made quilts on their own, and to all the ladies who volunteered their time to quilt and bind these special quilts!

Meeting Minutes 2020

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Assembly Day 2020--​CANCELLED

July 18

Hosted by Iris Quilt Guild

Rock Springs Middle School

Smyrna, TN

For registration form and information go to:


Pat Radley

April 9, 1934 - June 26, 2017

Susan Emory

January 13,  1950 - June 1, 2016

Founding member of The Quilting Bees

Served as President

Jutta Clemmens

​April 17, 1942 - July 25, 2013